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These returns may begin as early as but most especially by midth century. For a brief list of the several register series of births, marriages and deaths affecting British subjects abroad, consider the various records cited below. There are several significant records collection series, which originate from three government-sponsored categories. Some have been indexed and even scanned imaged and made available online. Here are available military records and where applicable, the respective links to online accessibility:.

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The Registrar General also had custody of non-statutory registers of births, marriages, deaths and burials overseas from which originally were sent to the Bishop of London's diocesan office. The Merchant Shipping Act of stated that the Registrar-General of Shipping and Seamen should record and certify the death of seamen at sea. These are indexed by the Registrar General of Shipping under Board of Trade references from about Another location to check for a death at sea is in the ships log.

Indexes for Deaths at sea are also located on findmypast , these indexes cover GRO Searchable Index. For free, anyone can register at the GRO site and search the indexes for births and deaths only.

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These indexes contain the name of the person registered, the quarter and year of the registration, and the mother's maiden name for births. No other parent or spouse information is included. Searches must include at least the surname, sex, and year; searches can also include registration district, mother's maiden name births only and age at death deaths only. Reference information year, quarter, registration district, volume, and page must be quoted to order a certificate.

To find a spouse in a marriage, use the fact that both parties will have the same reference numbers. Several of the websites that have the indexes do this automatically and list the possible partners usually two or more. If you can find the couple in the census, you can usually determine the correct spouse.

Traditional Indexes. Formerly known as "St Catherine's Registers" Alphabetically-arranged indexes were created by the GRO at the end of each quarter, for births, marriages and deaths. Images and searchable indexes of these appear on several sites. Maiden name of mothers are not included before Civil registration certificates are closed to the public.

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The only way to obtain one is to order a copy from the Register General Office for England and Wales. You may order through the Internet, telephone or post.

Birth, Death and Marriage Records

The quickest way is to order online, quoting the full reference. You should also take care to order only through the official GRO site, and not through any other site, which will often charge more, and take longer. Full Reference includes the type of certificate requested, individual's name, registration district, quarter, year, volume and page number from the indexes. For more information, see their web site at:. All events in civil registration are arranged by Registration District.

Burial Records & Death Records in the UK

These districts usually lump many rural villages together and divide a city very finely. To request editing rights on the Wiki, click here. From FamilySearch Wiki. England Wiki Topics. Civil Registration. Navigation menu Personal tools English.

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