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Traffic Accident Reports

How do I fill out a driver report of incident? Where do I send it? If police respond to the scene of a car crash, they will conduct a routine investigation and file a report. However, police may not respond to every crash, which puts reporting responsibility on the individuals involved in the accident.

In most cases, however, phoning and requesting an ambulance is sufficient.

Injury means harm of a physical nature that requires first aid or attention by a physician or surgeon. The value of the damage is what it would cost to return the damaged property to the condition it was in before the accident, if possible. The responding law enforcement officer is to file a report with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation within 10 days.

You may receive a letter from the Department of Transportation stating you were involved in a reportable crash and asking you to complete a report, which you are required to do. Failing to comply with Wisconsin laws related to stopping after an accident, assisting accident victims and reporting an accident may result in fines of hundreds of dollars.

If no law enforcement officer files an accident report, you will need to complete and submit the Wisconsin Driver Report of Crash DT, which is now an online form you can find at wisconsindot. You should have the required records at hand, and it may be helpful to type out a narrative of the crash in a word processing program ahead of time. To report an accident involving someone hitting your unoccupied car, you must have the name of the driver or owner of that car.

If you know the driver, you must be able to report his or her:. If this information is not available, WisDOT does not consider the accident reportable.

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However, a driver who hits an unoccupied vehicle is required by Wisconsin law to either find the owner or operator of an unattended vehicle he or she has hit, or leave a note providing their name and address and an explanation of what happened. Even if there was no note on your car, there could be a report on file. Car accident reports filed by local police in Wisconsin are available through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation WisDOT about two weeks after the crash. As soon as practicable, contact the diplomatic security command center of the office of foreign missions, diplomatic motor vehicle office, within the federal department of state, to verify the status and immunity, if any, of the driver claiming diplomatic immunity.

Within 10 days after the date of the accident, forward a copy of the report of the accident, at no charge, to the diplomatic security command center of the office of foreign missions, diplomatic motor vehicle office, within the federal department of state. No person shall falsely make and file or transmit any accident report or knowingly make a false statement in any accident report which is filed or transmitted pursuant to this section.

History: c. Cross-reference: See also ch. Trans , Wis. Items subject to examination under s.

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State ex rel. Young v. Shaw, Wis. A county sheriff's department is not a consumer reporting agency subject to the fair credit reporting act for reports under sub.